In addition, the monitor controls are easy to see and use thanks to clear labels and placement along the bottom of the bevel. An extra screen at home is excellent, but an extra screen that you can take with your laptop on the go is even better. This is a 15.6-inch portable USB-C monitor with a Full HD resolution IPS screen that comes with an included housing that can also be duplicated as support. It has an update frequency of 60hz and also has an included pen that can serve as support if you are not. This 1080p monitor offers IPS technology for wide viewing angles and deep colors, low blue light and an ergonomic design for a good productivity option.

The high contrast ratio in the ViewSonic VA2456-MHD offers darker blacks and slightly better images in games, movies or web browsing. It has HDMI and DisplayPort connections and the ready-to-use color Best computer monitor accuracy is good enough for anything but professional photo or video editing. On the other side of the spectrum are the high-end models aimed at professionals in graphic design and photographers.

Unfortunately, while there is HDR support, There are some drawbacks because it cannot display a wide range of colors, and the update frequency at a color depth of 10 bits is limited to 300 Hz on DisplayPort and 144 Hz on HDMI. On the positive side, It has a USB hub with four USB 3.0 ports, as well as an NVIDIA ‘Reflex’ function that measures and helps reduce entry delays. The main reason to buy a 24-inch monitor by 2020 is to save money: 27-inch and larger monitors, especially 4K models, can cost two to five times more than a 24-inch 1080p monitor. But 24-inch displays also cost little more than 21 or 22-inch monitors, despite being noticeably larger. That’s the main reason we focus on this screen size and resolution in our guide to the best budget monitors, and why many of the selections in that guide are presented in this.

Color and brightness performance was simply acceptable, as expected for a portable monitor, but the overall design, including the USB-C cable and the overall comfort it offers, is second to none. If you need a second screen during your trip, the HP EliteDisplay S14 is the best monitor for pure portability. Depending on the quality of your PC or laptop, you may want a screen with a higher resolution or frame rate threshold than average.

The best Dell game monitor we’ve tested is the Dell Alienware AW2521H. This compact 25-inch model features a flat IPS panel with a resolution of 1080p. Like most Alienware monitors, the build quality is excellent, with a bracket that offers an impressive number of ergonomic settings, allowing you to place the screen in an ideal viewing position. It has good reflection management and great maximum brightness, which means that visibility should not be a problem even in bright and sunny rooms.

This purchasing guide reveals the strengths and weaknesses of our best selections for the best cheap monitors of 2021. Most people don’t need a 4K monitor on their desk, but if you edit high-resolution photos or work with 4K video, it’s worth updating to a 32-inch monitor at that resolution. While there are many great professional monitors (such as Apple’s Pro Display XDR), people on a more typical budget would do well with LG’s 4K offering. The IPS screen offers a wide range of colors, HDR10 compatibility and adjustable support for excellent ergonomics. The most expensive monitors and laptop displays sometimes support a wider range of colors called DCI-P3, but you won’t find any budget monitors that display all those colors.