You should only use these products if your cat helps to stay calm when you are not in heat. Some cats feel excited about these products and do not help deliver them during the temperature. It is necessary to help your cat when you are in heat. The temperature can continue anywhere between a few days and a week. If the cat does not find a partner in mating, the temperature can be repeated within a few weeks. Cats behave in different ways during this period, so it is important to help them relax because they cannot do it on their own.

We’ll quickly talk about stopping the temperature cycles in the cats, so stay tuned. Turn her into a nest with a warm privacy heating pad and give her wild mint to calm her down. A female cat cat going into heat in the heat has a pressure point in its genitals. Once stimulated, this convinces her that she covered. Estrus will start again after delivery or when the next scheduled session begins.

They are subject to mood swings, determined to leave the house and become very noisy. A female cat howls all day and night may be in a rut. To keep the trash can clean at all times, you can encourage your cat to use it in the heat instead of marking its urine smell to attract males. Don’t let your cat go out during the heat to avoid carrying the cat. Keep calm and prevent her from going out because this will lead to mating with male cats. She will try to escape if she finds a cat close and can even pull it towards her.

Never let it close all windows and lock all doors, including boils. To keep her cool, keep her away from all male cats. Isolation will also protect her – she can try to escape from your home if she feels a man outside. Cats like to distinguish their lands, especially when they are in heat.

When stroke along the spine or spine, they lift behind them in the air and enter with the back legs. These behavioral changes often become troublesome for owners and sometimes owners think their cat has an unusual disease. However, keep in mind that since treatments are intended for stress management in the short term, this type is not best to calm the hot cat. Because it is a long-term pressure on the cat, it is not recommended to apply the drugs regularly for a longer period of time.